Crafting Iconic Brands.

Strategic Creative Agency

There is no company brand or product that we cannot see the potential for greatness in.

6 years ago Yve Oosthuizen and Stephen Geldenhuys founded Contrast, a design and photographic studio, working out of a converted guest bedroom/office space. Whilst today we are considered packaging design specialists and a full service strategic creative agency, we have never forgotten our humble beginnings – we have willed great things for our agency and we will do the same for your brand, never losing sight of your origins and what made you great in the first place.

We take immense pleasure in working on high-profile local and international brands which demand consistent quality and accountable design. We know the value of basing design on sound brand strategy for real results. We’re dedicated to our clients, respected friends and colleagues & we delight in not only staying abreast of industry trends, but in determining them.

Our team is passionate, adventurously creative and artistic and is comprised of players with 107 years of combined industry experience. Extensive marketing as well as design expertise is a given, not to mention strict attention to detail and the unfailing ability to consistently deliver on time.

Whilst iconic packaging design is our core, we help our clients with integrated, through-the-line campaigns that produce sustainable brands for profitable returns on ad spend. If the consumer is happy then our client is happy and if our client is happy then we are doing our jobs! This is what makes us a strategic creative agency.

Our Bottom Line

We don't believe in selling smoke and cheap tricks.

Creating brands that have real value & real substance, is very important to us. At the end of the day we're here to help you positively impact your bottom line.

Your bottom line is our top priority.

Our Process

We're an inquisitive bunch of people at Contrast. We've found that by asking the right questions at the start you can save yourself all sorts of trouble later down the line. We're not saying we have all the answers, unfortunately nobody does, but by asking the right questions, doing the research, getting to know the consumer and really listening to our clients, the answers tend to reveal themselves.

It's a pivotal part of our creative process. Whether it's a through-the-line advertising campaign, new packaging design, a digital marketing campaign or updating a logo design, whatever your need may be, our starting point will always be to find a solution that truly suits your needs and best communicates with your customers.


Through-the-line Thinking

To effectively build a brand we like to use a "through-the-line thinking" approach. We don't like to label ourselves as a "below-the-line" or "above-the-line" agency. We're even hesitant to call ourselves "packaging specialists", although we are without a doubt experts in the field.

The reason for this is simple , we don't believe in boxing ourselves in. Why limit yourself as a strategic agency to one form of media, or type of communication? To find the best solution for our clients,  we keep an open mind and explore all possibilities. That's why we offer services that range from strategy , packaging design, point of sale branding, advertising, online marketing, photography to name a few.

Without a consumer focused approach - everything we do would be in vain. Because of this, every design, photograph, idea, strategy that we create is judged according to it's ability to talk to your consumer, in their language and inspire them to purchase your brand.

Our Passion:

  • Honest

  • Excellence

  • Shaping trends

  • Artising

  • Strategic Sustainable Solutions