Creating lasting impressions.

Our Core

Packaging design and efficacy is Contrasts core. Packaging is our foundation and our roots, without question, packaging is Contrasts core strength.

We have a diverse and cosmopolitan collection of in-house packaging design experts with many years of collective expertise in the field.

Your Core

We believe packaging to be the last frontier of design and the most impactful conversation your consumer will have with your brand – should all other lines of communication fail for whatever reason, this is your brands chance to still make that sale.

The Difference

To shout out from the shelf, to be heard through all the clutter and to cut through all the noise. Packaging is what we do best and packaging is where we have gained invaluable consumer insights and built iconic brands.
We believe in the small business owner, we were once a small business too. Yve Oosthuizen - Founding Director Contrast