Creating lasting impressions.


Due to our extensive expertise in booking media for through-the-line campaigns directly for our clients, we consistently work with the very best in the industry and in so doing have established relationships with the biggest in the country, Primedia and Zapop, who we partner with to ensure consistency and delivery on the ground, in-store and wherever else your brand needs to be seen and heard.


We will not only manage the media booking process for you but also ensure we deal only with experts in the required fields. Our relationships ensure competitive quotations and strict pre-agreed deliverables.

Media Strategy meets Media Booking

Sound media strategy and placement ensure return on investment, where it counts.
You think like artists, not designers. You’re ‘creatively wired’ and entirely comfortable with the complexities within the communication industry. You have real integrity of purpose; you’re listeners, freely express your ideas and filter through concepts with real thought. This is unusual. Ian Burgess-Simpson Kawai Pianos