Creating lasting impressions.

The consumer conversation

In 2012 your consumer is media savvy and interfacing with many mediums – we believe it is key to ensure consistency across all mediums, particularly those where a dialogue ensues – we call this territory below the line.

Experience where it counts

Due to our packaging expertise we believe we are uniquely qualified to roll out this ‘direct contact’ part of your business strategy.

Below-the-line activation

From on-shelf to in-store, campaigns to drive footfall and those to direct traffic to your website, from merchandising to competitions, we’ve got campaign integration, on the ground, covered.
You think like artists, not designers. You’re ‘creatively wired’ and entirely comfortable with the complexities within the communication industry. You have real integrity of purpose; you’re listeners, freely express your ideas and filter through concepts with real thought. This is unusual. Ian Burgess-Simpson Kawai Pianos