We believe in collaboration and connection to build great brands. Stephen Geldenhuys - Founding Director Contrast

The Challenge:

To create a brand-look based on existing packaging for Zehra Age Beautifully. The project consisted of:

  • In-store merchandisers (for salons and spas)

  • Brochures

  • Website

  • Advertisements

  • Sample pouch

  • Carry bag

  • Wobbler

The look needed to be high-end, represent quality and drive home a trustworthy brand identity. In order to engage the market, Contrast needed to capture a good balance between science and beauty and create an aspirational brand identity roll-out.

Main communication message: real beauty needs to come from the inside (product needs to be taken orally – effects from the inside).

The Strategy:

Contrast needed to:

  • Establish Zehra as a trustworthy product that woman would be willing and eager to purchase.

  • Drive home the fact that Zehra will not only help women complete their beauty regime and age beautifully, but also attain better general health.

Contrast set out to develop a look that represented purity, class and health with a definite scientific backing. As the name suggests (Zehra meaning radiant and brilliance, blossom, bright as the dawn) the look had to represent an aspiring inner beauty.

  • Contrast needed to select the model and photograph her for the various new applications. The model was of upmost importance and the main focus of the packaging and roll-out. She needed to radiate a healthiness that the consumer could aspire to. Beautiful, but not perfect. Someone desirable and relatable.

  • Contrast generated the copy for this roll-out as well as the pay-off line: ‘The finishing touch is within”. This underlined both the internal beauty element as well as the fact that Zehra is ingested and this is how it delivers its promise.

  • This was then applied to the various elements requested.

The Result:

Client is very happy with the brand look and subsequent sales are going from strength to strength with Zehra being sold at more and more spas and online retailers.