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We believe in building brands that last forever. Yve Oosthuizen - Founding Director Contrast

The Challenge:

To create a conceptual playground for a new Vodka brand that would achieve stand-out in a cluttered young-adult market (18 to 27). This included:

  • name generation

  • packaging design and concept

In order to engage this market and achieve stand-out in bar/nightclubs and compete with strong well-known brands, Contrast needed to capture a good balance of striking design and the 'coolness' factor as well as ensure a sense of quality.

The Strategy:

To create distinct and bold design directions by taking directly from a traditional Vodka playground - Russia/Soviet. All the supreme design elements would be printed directly on the glass for a premium quality feel - thus bridging the afore-mentioned gaps.

For example, Contrast presented the following conceptual playground:

Russian Bride - this playful take on Russian culture was depicted by imagery portraying a modernised version of the Matryoshka doll. This striking design would be printed on glass to elevate to a premium feel, although youthful and playful for the subscribed target market.

A collectors item and trend was created with this 'cool' factor, whilst still staying true to Traditionally accepted quality Vodka cues. For example: "I'm bringing my Russian Bride to the party"

Contrast explored many options and names. Some more traditional, whilst others had a modern twist.

The Result:

This work is currently still in concept stage.