Totally Wild

We believe in the small business owner, we were once a small business too. Yve Oosthuizen - Founding Director Contrast

The Challenge:

To design the packaging for Totally Wild's range of juices, jams and chocolates. Totally Wild's products all have aloe as their core ingredient thus making them rather unique.


The Strategy:

Contrast decided to focus on the unique aloe content and its natural association with wholesomeness, vitality and an over-all sense of well-being.


Totally Wild Juice

Contrast created a strong "Cape Aloe" logo which would form the sub-brand under which the juices would be sold.

In order to ensure the juices felt fresh and the designs contemporary:

  • Contrast used clean, modern typography

  • Contrast incorporated appetite appealing images mixed with bright organic colours.

Thus creating packaging that is vibrant and really drives home the healthy and wholesome nature of the product.


Totally Wild Jams and Relishes

Totally Wild is a large supplier of jams and relishes to the tourist industry in South Africa.

  • Contrast therefore felt it essential to push the African heritage of the product

  • A strong ‘ African’ theme was laced into the design by making use of animal print.

Totally Wild Chocolate

Chocaloes is essentially aloe covered in dark or milk chocolate and is a healthy snack alternative to other chocolate products in the marketplace.

  • Contrast launched a bold, bright and fun packaging design

  • Featuring the actual product on the packaging in an appealing manner.

The Result:

Since launching these ranges, Totally Wild has gone from strength to strength. The products are now available in major retail stores like Pick 'n Pay.

The products continue to be well received 4 years after the initial design conception.