We believe in building brands that last forever. Yve Oosthuizen - Founding Director Contrast


The Challenge:

To create a completely new brand identity for a Canadian range of flavoured olive oils, skincare and body butters.

The brief stressed the need for:

  • Functionality due to the products hands-on experience

  • ‘European’ flair, social presentability, minimalistic, modern, slick and premium, due to the high LSM target market

Contrast was commissioned to conceptualise:

  • The name

  • The logo

  • Interior and exterior shop signage

  • Packaging

  • Website

  • Corporate stationery

  • Brochures

  • Advertising material

 The Strategy:

Following extensive research, Contrast presented the name OLIV.

  • Descriptive yet simplistic - an iconic looking word. By just removing the 'e' a strong, new brand was created.

Contrast presented a modern and minimalist packaging solution, but ensured a hint towards the ancient heritage of olive oil making remained.

  • Moving away from the more traditional olive oil presentations of illustrations of olives and olive leaves - OLIV's look is quirky, slick and engages the consumer.

  • While the graphic elements on the packaging are bright, fresh and clean - the actual bottle shapes have a more traditional feel to them.

  • Made from solid glass, with a black finish - the bottles give the product a high quality appeal.

To assist the hands-on experience of the product, a functional colour system was developed for the different flavours.

For the interior and exterior design of the shop, Contrast wanted to create a unique customer experience.

The Concept:

Customers would be able to tap their own olive oil from modern stainless steel containers. The customers would also be able to taste the different flavours before deciding what to purchase.

  • Keeping with a modern and clean design - the interior has a fresh feel

  • With a predominantly white shop interior - the bright colours of the packaging are accentuated, making it stand out against the neutral background.

Contrast rolled out the branding across different elements including:

  • Designer shopping bags

  • T-shirts for staff

  • Vehicle branding

  • Website

  • Promotional material

The Result:

The OLIV retail store launched in August 2011.

The result was dramatic.

Sales immediately sky rocketed as word of mouth spread of the unique store that opened up. Initial sales far outperformed clients expectations - leaving them scrambling to produce enough stock to keep the store filled with product.

Since the initial launch sales have steadily increased.

The client is already planning the opening of more OLIV stores throughout Canada, as well as breaking into the American market, with Contrast as OLIV’s preferred partner.