We believe in collaboration and connection to build great brands. Stephen Geldenhuys - Founding Director Contrast

The Challenge:

To re-brand & re-position Denny’s processed food range.

  • large range of soups, cook-in sauces, curry pastes, pasta sauces, pasta bakes and pour over sauces going largely unnoticed by the consumer.

  • Main stream competitors dominating the market.

  • Difficulty standing out in cluttered retail environment.

  • Packaging lacked appetite appeal and on-shelf presence.

The Strategy:

To effectively introduce new look and feel by driving traffic and consumer interaction Contrast initiated the following:

  • New tag line created. ‘Everyone’s a chef with Denny’

  • Complete packaging re-design with emphasis on excellent quality, great tasting food at home

  • Fresh, modern styling and photography to push appetite appeal

  • Impactful packaging re-design to showcase wholesome, good quality food and drive home consumer quality choice – best for your family, quality at home

  • New, consumer friendly, category recognition system developed

  • Range specific design & photography style

  • Easy to navigate, icon system for quick differentiation and on-shelf stand-out

To effectively introduce new look and feel by driving traffic and consumer interaction Contrast launched the following:

  • Competition mechanism at Point of Purchase

  • Driving traffic to website, data-capturing

  • Creating interaction with new brand image

  • Improved point of sale elements created in-line with new packaging

This was the beginning of a very successful long-term partnership, paving the way for the most recent success:

The"Soup2Give" campaign.

This campaign pledged 50c for every can of soup sold, donating this value to Foodbank.

  • extensive use of social media platforms

  • online platforms

  • print advertising

  • point-of-sale material.

Also making use of extensive PR to push Denny's philanthropic initiative.

The Result:

The updated branding and packaging had a dramatic effect in the marketplace.

  • An overall increase in sales throughout all categories - with some products increasing their sales up to 180%.

  • The lowest increase within a category was recorded at 20%.

The initial promotional campaign was also very successful - with thousands of South Africans entering the competition online.

  • The final result was a database of more than 25 000 entrants which could now be used for future marketing campaigns.

  • The promotion also helped to educate consumers and make them aware of the extensive range of Denny products.

The Denny "Soup2Give" campaign ushered in a new era in the Denny brand personality.
No longer was Denny just trying to sell products - they were giving back to the community and feeding hungry kids during winter.The campaign was a great success with Denny donating a total of R200 000 worth of soup to Foodbank.

*The public relations arm of this "Soup2Give" campaign initiative secured a Prism award for outstanding PR.