Jan 19, 2012


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Jan 17, 2012

Top 10 Photographs of 2011

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It is amazing for me how one photo can explain a situation in so much depth & detail, how one photo can evoke such a strong emotion that you almost feel as if it was you in the photograph. 2011 … Read More

Dec 13, 2011

You might have a fishy twin

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I found these fascinating photos by a artist called Ted Sabarese. It is so interesting to me that we can find similarities in odd things between human’s and animals or even things in nature. You know how they say that … Read More

Nov 22, 2011

Brand Minimalism

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What would happen if you took iconic brands and minimalized the details on their packaging to their absolute minimum? Is that going to help or hurt the brand? Mehmet Gozetlik of the design collective Antrepo decided to see for himself. … Read More

Nov 11, 2011

The Power of an image

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Folks say a picture says a thousand words, this remains so true. A single image can transport you into another world and make you feel a reel of emotions with a single glance. One really get’s this sense in this … Read More

Oct 31, 2011

Italian Picnic Basket Invitation

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“We worked with Chef Lynch and her team to create packaging for an Italian Picnic Basket which also served the invitation. Each item in the basket was hand-wrapped and adorned with a sticker labeling the contents. The invitation was letterpressed on butcher paper … Read More

Oct 28, 2011

Splish Splash Click

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Working with splashing liquids , fine powders and fast movement is a challenge to photograph well. The unpredictable nature of liquid makes it very hard to shoot. Have a look at these wonderful images – I suspect the photographer specifically … Read More

Oct 25, 2011

Body Shop – Packaging design

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Stunning packaging created by Planeta Design .

Oct 24, 2011

Hand carved illustration

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      Created by Reaktorlab

Oct 21, 2011

Nupo – Clean Packaging Design

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Stunning clean packaging design for Nupo. Using lots of white space to give the packaging a very fresh look. Sometimes using white with food can make the packaging look sterile and unappealing , but in this case I think the … Read More

Oct 20, 2011

Burning Man 2010

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Burning Man is an annual event that takes place in BlackRock, two and a half hours away from Reno Nevada. People describe the BurningMan event as a self-expressive and a self-reliance community. Have a look at these stunning photos by … Read More

Oct 19, 2011

Trigger Oslo Identity

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Trigger Oslo is a new PR company focusing on engaging communication. The identity is developed to create a range of personal signatures within the same visual language and color palette. The colors and design emphasizes an agency that focus on … Read More

Oct 13, 2011

Illustration with attitude

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Stumbled acros Tim Mcdonagh’s portfolio. Great style and attitude in his work. Seems like its all done with vector – but I could be mistaken. Enjoy!

Oct 10, 2011

Snookums – Cat Food

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Found this fun cat food packaging on The Dieline. Very cool use of photography and fun typography. Enjoy!  

Oct 6, 2011

Haunting Work by Oleg Dou

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I have been a fan of Oleg Dou from his very first series. He’s unique style and haunting imagery has such a way of holding your attention. It’s seldom you find an artist with such focus in his work – … Read More

Oct 5, 2011

Dreamers – no photoshop!

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In this day and age you often see amazing photography. That being said – a lot of photography nowadays relies heavily on retouching and photo-manipulation to make it work. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized the following series of … Read More

Sep 30, 2011

Retouching: Before and After

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Here at Contrast we not only specialize in epic awesome graphic design, but also in photography and photo-retouching. Here are some before and after images showcasing our retouching skills! Enjoy!

Sep 29, 2011

Army of me

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photography by Hyuna Shin  

Sep 16, 2011

Portrait awesomeness.

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We stumbled across this awesome set of portraits – using the same models for each shot but just styled differently. The results are quite awesome to say the least. The photographer is called Nacho Rojo. Check out some more of … Read More

Sep 16, 2011

Corporate ID design feature

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Mareiner Holz has developed a whole range of techniques for finishing untreated wooden boards in an environmentally friendly way. In doing so they discovered that each wood has its own unique character and therefore requires individual techniques in order for … Read More

Sep 15, 2011

Jewellery with Texture!

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Natural textures can add a whole new depth of interest to jewellery photography. Often jewellery is shot on stark white or black backgrounds – and although shooting jewellery on a simple background helps the viewer to focus solely on the … Read More