Oct 3, 2011

Don’t Just Follow

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Sometimes as designers you can fall into the trap of just following – and not leading. It happens to everyone if you don’t consciously push away from the expected and explore options that initially might look completely unrealistic. Its very … Read More

Sep 20, 2011

Packaging with a cause

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Stumbled across this awesome concept for an anti-smoking campaign. The main thought behind it is that the smoker literally carries his own cause of death in his pocket. This is cleverly illustrated by changing the packaging of the cigarettes to … Read More

Sep 15, 2011

Jewellery with Texture!

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Natural textures can add a whole new depth of interest to jewellery photography. Often jewellery is shot on stark white or black backgrounds – and although shooting jewellery on a simple background helps the viewer to focus solely on the … Read More