Top Ten Bookcases
Laica Zerogloss

Top Ten Bookcases

Circular Bookshelf by designer David Garcia

This circular bookshelf is designed to help a bibliophile store and transport a half ton of books. To move it, you just stand in the centre and start walking. Probably not the most practical use of space, but it looks like fun!

Floating Bookshelves by Mauro Canfori

Mauro Canfori has created a very interesting shelving system that can be used in a number of different shapes. You can design your own shape according to your space available. Once the bookcase is filled, it looks like the books are floating.

Laica by Zerogloss

Laica is the innovative floor bookshelf by Designed by Francesco Innocenti 2007 for Zeroglass. This is a functional work of art. Movement and stillness represented in one unique elegant piece.

Joel Escalone designed MYDNA Bookcase

Joel Escalone, the designer of these bookcases calls them MYDNA bookcases.
The twisted shape resembles a strand of DNA and creates the idea of dynamism so that you have the feeling that they move continuously. The bookcases are beautiful and dynamic.

Rolling Bookcase by Michaël Bihain

This unusual bookcase features several cells or storage units that are very small and can only accommodate one book each. The Patratas, as it is called, was designed by Michaël Bihain and it’s made of expanded polypropylene. The Patratas comes in a variety of colours so you can choose what best goes with your furniture. It’s not a very practical or functional piece of furniture, but it’s a great decorative piece.

Nauris Kalinauskas designed the oblong QUAD shelf

Nauris Kalinauskas designed the oblong QUAD shelf – All your storage problems solved with one product. Store your CDs, DVDs, magazines, books, folders in the QUAD bookshelf. This is an elegant and modern storage design solution.

Expanding Book case by Reinier de Jong of Rotterdam

“REK is a bookcase that grows with your book collection. The more books, the bigger the bookcase,” explains de Jong. “The zigzag shaped parts slide in and out of each other, creating as much space as needed. Also with the different spaces that appear you can arrange your books according to their size.”

Bookshelves from Saba Italia 2010 collection

This is a light and dramatic bookcase. The arched lines represents the waxing of the moon. This a fun and dynamic bookcase which is functional creating a strong decorative effect.

Sinapsi by Sebastian Errazuriz

Sinapsi is the modular shelf system created by the Chilean artist Sebastian Errazuriz and inspired by the electrical impulses of brain cells. The result is a single lacquered-polyurethane element designed to organically decorate your wall without any constraints. Simply repeat the various Synapsi combinations, side by side, rotating, or mirroring them to create many different compositions and decorate walls using your own imagination.

T.SHELF designer : J1

The T.SHELF, uses the strongest geometric shape, the triangle, which can be built into multiple structures that develop into sculptural pieces with various functions.
The width, the length, and the depth of the T.SHELF system can vary and grow indefinitely with your environment. It can be expressed as floor or wall pieces.




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