Our top 10 local illustrators

Our top 10 local illustrators

South Africa has so much to offer in general, but when it comes to illustration, we can honestly boast. Here is our Contrast selection of our favourite local illustrators. We hope you enjoy this as much as we have.

Jordan Metcalf works with mediums in such an interesting way. From laser engraving to die cut wood and lino, just to mention a few, his work remains a treat for the eye.

Inspired by the likes of Tim Burton and Mark Ryden, Cassandra Leigh Johnson has a keen eye for detail. Her nostalgic work borders on being eerie, yet the intricacy of her work keeps you exploring.

Jared Kin describes his work style as ‘messy perfection’ and rightly so. From his vector work through to his more expressive illustrations they are all in all intriguing.

Stellenbosch Academy graduate, Justin Southey, is truly something special. The interesting thing about Justin’s work is the use of various mediums and his variety and ability to illustrate in different styles.

Joh Del explores using his media in a slightly different way. Something we enjoyed was how he would first creating his 3D illustrated objects and then photographing his master piece.

Lauren Fowler graduated from AAA Cape Town. Her work is fun, playful and raw. A truly expressive and quirky style!

Dylan Jones or as most would know him, Theory One is so delightful. You can’t help but smile at his use of bright colours and quirky off-beat characters.

No one takes you quite into another world like Jade Klara. Her illustrations are so engaging, a soft, dreamy wonderland where strange things happen. No wonder she’s already exhibiting her work globally.

Working for AM I Collective and based in Cape Town, Clement de Bruin’s work shows a sensitivity to colour and a touch of humour.

Gerhard Human’s work is truly unique, his characters really have a sense of being awkward in a very good way. Really enjoyed his use of retro colours.

So who’s got your vote?


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