Brand Minimalism

Brand Minimalism

What would happen if you took iconic brands and minimalized the details on their packaging to their absolute minimum? Is that going to help or hurt the brand? Mehmet Gozetlik of the design collective Antrepo decided to see for himself.

Check out more examples showing the progression of these packaged brands from their current appearance to their core elements.

Some examples show a progression to a fourth level. While a few of them might work at this generic level (on merits of name alone, such as Guiness and Polo), most work best at the 3rd level of distillation, where the logo alone functions on a colored field with a particular shape (such as Pringles and Nutella).

It is important to realize though that – even though a lot of the packaging looks really good and clean at the 3rd level – a person would have to take into account the environment in which these products are sold. For instance – the packaging for the M&M’s look quite nice and clean on the 3rd level – but considering that it will be on shelf next to hundreds of other candy and chocolate products with bright colours,  showing chocolate or candy on the packaging itself , I think it will struggle to stand out from all the clutter.

Sometimes creating a clean pack in itself can help it to stand out from all the competitor clutter – but there is a fine balance between standing out using minimalism and getting lost completely.

On the other hand – when comparing the 3rd level of the M&M’s packaging and the Lindt packaging – in my opinion the 3rd level of the Lindt packaging is working brilliantly – and given the more premium nature of the Lindt packaging – this cleaner version will actually lift it and make it stand out more in the retail space environment. Where the M&M’s – that largely target young kids – will in my opinion lose some of it’s appeal to its target market with a much cleaner pack.

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