Creating fire in photoshop
Match on fire

Creating fire in photoshop

Find an image of a match that you like and think will look good.

Step 1.

Create a new Layer and select your Brush tool.  Set it to Dissolve and
Opacity of 25%.
Set your Foreground colour to white, click once so that you have a whole
lot of dots.

Choose your Transform tool, right click to get to your Warp tool.
Drag the middle of your selection towards the head of the match.
You can Warp your spark again to cover a bigger area.

Select your Smudge and gently smudge the lines just to soften.

Now we need to add the glow to the sparks.

Go in your Layer Style Menu and select Outer glow, make your colour a strong
red. Set your Blend mode to Hard light.
To make your sparks stronger, you can choose your Inner glow and use the
same settings.


Create a New layer, choose your Marquee tool and make an Oval selection at
the end of your sparks.
Fill with 100% white and do a Gaussian blur at about 20 pixels.

Copy the Layer style from the sparks layer to your fire layer.

Once again, choose your Warp tool and stretch your flame to the size you

You can add in a bit of colour just to brighten your flame up.

Select your Smudge tool and mould your flame to your desired effect.

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