Italian Picnic Basket Invitation

Italian Picnic Basket Invitation

“We worked with Chef Lynch and her team to create packaging for an Italian Picnic Basket which also served the invitation. Each item in the basket was hand-wrapped and adorned with a sticker labeling the contents. The invitation was letterpressed on butcher paper and wrapped around Chef Lynch’s homemade Socca mix.”

Designed by Sideshow Press in Charleston, South Carolina “On our pony-sized 1926 letterpress, we press and print each piece individually reactivating the vintage press is a labor-of-love collaboration of three women.”

What I personally love about this project is the hand-crafted feel the vintage press gives each printed piece. So nice. A lot of designers tend to just consider modern solutions – but so often using something old – like this press – can yield amazing textured results.

Creating a design that not only looks great – but feels great – can give the user a much more enticing and overall enjoyable experience. Stimulating more than just the visual senses adds depth to a piece of packaging/design.

Using old print technology is a awesome way to spice up a basic design!

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