Unreal, a London based branding and advertising agency have recently completed the identity for a brand new co-operative supermarket; The People’s Supermarket.

The People’s Supermarket Mission statement
Our vision is to create a commercially sustainable, social enterprise that achieves its growth and profitability targets whilst operating within values based on community development and cohesion. Our intent is to offer an alternative food buying network, by connecting an urban community with the local farming community.

Vision and Values
The Supermarket is a sustainable food cooperative that responds to the needs of the local community and provides healthy, local food at reasonable prices. To this end, we believe in a series of key values, which guide our philosophy and management approach.

We seek:

To be…
a supermarket that meets the needs of its members and the local community by offering high quality, healthy food at good prices.
a training and development resource for our community.
a community supermarket that highlights the possibilities of consumer power and challenges the status quo.

To buy…
from trusted suppliers with whom we develop lasting relationships.
British produce where possible, as locally as possible.
from sustainable energy suppliers, and to promote alternative, forward-thinking ideas and solutions to environmental issues.

To provide…
choice and information to help members make healthy decisions.
inspirational training and life skill opportunities for the community.
a working environment that values everyone’s contribution, is welcoming, safe and non-judgmental.

To minimise…
food wastage, by creating dishes from food coming up to its sell by date, and by composting all other waste material.


  1. I really don’t get what you guys are about. Showcasing other agencies work is cool – but seems in dire contrast (pardon the pun) with the work you produce. Why not focus on producing work that other sites will blog? Just a thought!

    • Hi Peter,
      Thanks for your feedback. The idea with the blog is basically just to share any cool inspiring things we find while doing research for our own projects. In that way hopefully creating another resource where designers can find interesting/inspiring designs.

      We do plan to feature our own work on the blog as well, but unfortunately – because we focus mainly on packaging – we tend to have quite long production times and so on. And we can really only feature our own work once it has been produced and launched into the market. So for the sake of posting daily interesting posts – we’ve decided not just to feature our own work.

      Hope that makes sense ?

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