Colier – Sparkling Wine

Colier – Sparkling Wine

Conceptual collection of elite champagne «Colier» is addressed to business women as major consumers of sparkling wines in the world. The serie is limited and available in two versions: 23 luxury sets in a classic style — an exclusive bottle in a square box «Classic Brut» and 5 sets of premium «Vintage Brut» — handmade bottle in cocoon container whose weight is concentrated at the bottom of box what gives it sustainability.

Both collections are combined with a common element — a necklace around the neck of the bottle. Necklace is the most expensive and elegant women’s jewelry. As a rule, it is sophisticated and highly artistic thing what emphasizes women’s femininity and style more than anything else.

Plus, the container maintains the temperature so that the champagne is keeped cold for a long time. Business women will really enjoy this collection in the form of a gift or even something more.

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