Don’t Just Follow

Don’t Just Follow

Sometimes as designers you can fall into the trap of just following – and not leading.

It happens to everyone if you don’t consciously push away from the expected and explore options that initially might look completely unrealistic.

Its very easy to just say – “Oh , the client will never approve that” or “They don’t have budget for this” or “That’s too hard to produce” etc etc.

But as designers its our obligation … no … our privilege to challenge the expected , to not just settle for the mundane and the obvious.

Make no mistake – its hard to go against the expected route. It’s easier to take the route of less resistance – and that’s why there is so much mundane , same old same old design out there. But , if you are passionate about something, and you are willing to persevere and push some boundaries – you will in the end create something that is unique, fulfills the brief, while still staying within budget and production costs.

Don’t wait for the perfect client – challenge yourself on your next project to push beyond your own comfort zone. See where it leads you!

Check out this innovative packaging by Petar Pavlov.


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