Less is more (sometimes)

Less is more (sometimes)

With packaging design – its always a tricky balance to create something that will work well in a competitive retail environment where everything is busy and cluttered.

Sometimes creating a design that is strikingly minimalistic can actually draw more attention to the product and make it stand out in a cluttered space.

A key factor to the success of a minimalistic design lies with the strength of the brand. In the examples below Coca-Cola’s iconic can was redesigned into a very minimalistic eco can. As far as we know this has not actually been produced and sold – and is merely a concept – but we think it would do very well if they where to launch a limited run of these eco cans.

I’ve often heard designers say: “I only believe in clean designs”. This is all good and well if it is actually relevant to the project you are working on. Not all design projects call for a clean minimalistic design – sometimes it has to be bright, in your face and shouting in order to achieve what it needs to achieve. This being said – it can still be beautiful!

Have a look at these awesome designs created by Ryan Harc.

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