In it to win it!
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In it to win it!

In July this year we decided we wanted to spread our wings a little as a design studio and entered in the global Avery Dennison Brand Experience Contest.

Design professionals around the world were challenged to create brand stories through label and shelf environments for one of five products. We selected the organic, fair trade coffee brand named Eos and communicated the unique brand identity with designs that give an elegant, contemporary feel to the brand’s mythological roots.

Our approach has always been one of rooting design in sound brand strategy. We place a great value on packaging designs that not only look great, but actually make a brand distinctive and instantly recognizable so that consumers want to have an ongoing relationship with that brand.

The contest was judged by a high profile jury of nine global packaging design and brand thought leaders, who were particularly looking for designs that could translate the brands into eye-catching, memorable visual stories.

To our delight we won! We also took home the runner up prize for the category we entered – so double the reason to celebrate.

Here are some examples of the work we entered into the competition. If you would like to see more of our work, please go to .

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