Top Packaging Design Trends for 2019

Unfortunately we all do it. We judge a book by its cover, well, in this case a product by its packaging. We may want to believe that consumers will make a purchase solely based on the product itself, the product that you’re passionate about, but this just isn’t true. Packaging counts, it counts a lot. It’s often the beautiful, inspirational packaging that will make a sale.

Why is packaging design important? Because it’s a big part of the formula for financial success. It’s what helps customers with their purchasing decisions.

And now, with the stretch of social media, the spread of beautiful packaging goes far. If your customer really loves your creative product packaging, they won’t just show it to their friends and family who have the opportunity to see it in real life, they will also post pics of your brand on social media—spreading its beauty far and wide and increasing your chance of making new retail customers.

That’s how important getting packaging design right is!

So, what can we expect from creative packaging design in 2019? Here are just five of the best packaging design trends the experts have said are making it big this year:


This seems to be the most popular trend, and it’s popping up everywhere. Not only do gradients work well on digital platforms but they are a great and easy way to refresh an old design. They also bring depth and dimension to a design without being overwhelming or distracting. You can expect to see them in very bright colour combos.



This trends speaks to a softer, calmer side of design, and the best part of this approach is that it allows the brand and logo to really stand out. Pastels also work very well for brands that offer a subtle or calming experience or product, as they tend to offer the consumer a feeling of tranquillity. And, these colours can really stand out as an alternative to the bold and brights designs on the shelf.



This is a trend that will be staying for a long time! Research shows that Millennials and Gen Z consumers will pay more for eco-friendly packaging and so, being mindful of the nature of product packaging and it’s recyclable ability is very important. Making your packaging sustainable is a great way to make a positive impression on consumers, and there are a lot more material options out there than you may think.



Why do we keep coming back to vintage? A classic never dies, I guess. And, this look and feel gives a product a sense of authority and tradition. Look out for vintage fonts and lettering, colour patterns and illustrations all, of course, with a modern twist. This design style works particularly well for artisanal or hand-made products, as it seems to bring a feeling of integrity to the design.


Black and white

Keeping things simple and without distraction, well, nothing does it better than black and white. And, having just two colours brings a strong energy to a design that can’t be ignored—it’s simple and sophisticated, there’s nothing more to it. And, if the design is done well the combination can really pack a punch.


What do you think of these beautiful examples of packaging design inspiration? There are, of course, other trends to take note of, but these are our favourite five—and don’t even get us started with specific colour trends within packaging design!

If you’re launching a new brand or think it’s time to refresh and update your packaging, why not get in touch with us at Contrast Studio. We are leaders in the field of packaging design and would love to collaborate with you!